Albert FiggMy grateful thanks to the following who have supported me over the many years.

There are so many, I not sure where to start. However, my apologies if I have left anyone out.

My first has to be my wonderful daughter, Annette, whose support has been something, which without any doubt, I could not have managed without.

Simon Johnson, he has been the one that has stood by through my Ups & Downs during the twenty years that I have known him. Simon is the person who in 1998 help me to find the Tank, and encouraged the M.V.T. to donate £1,500 which is now on Hill 112, THANK YOU DEAR SIMON.

Michael Whitely & Family, who generously gave the Infantryman Statue to me free of charge, many thanks for that.

Ben Oosta, [E.L.S. KANTOORFFICIENCY] Holland.

Tom Kelly. Bartlett Trees.

Roger Phillips. Radio Mersey.
Rex Cadman, organizer of the War & Peace Show.

M. P. S. M .V.T. Martin Jones who is one of the best cameramen in the business [Top cameraman to the B.B.C].

Lady Hawkins High School, Kington, Herefordshire

The Spirit of Normandy Trust

Invicta Military vehicle Preservation Society (The IMPS)

Fred Ross for his support

And the Many & Many others from all over world, America, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, and Belgium.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for it is without all of you none of these projects would been carried out.

Albert Figg