Hill 112 Visitor’s Book

Visitors to Hill 112 are invited to share their thoughts, reflections and photographs for inclusion on this page. Simply get in touch using the contact form.

22 August 2017

Visiting Hill 112 - Aug 17
Lance, Adam & Sharon Jacob from Kent, UK visiting Hill 112 in August 2017

Lance, Adam & Sharon Jacob visited the Hill 112 Memorial from Kent, UK for the first time in August 2017.

“We have spent 3 days in Normandy, staying near the beaches of the D Day landings and paying our respects to our dear friend Albert Figg. We wish we had met him sooner and known him longer.

It was also a pleasure to meet Gilles Osmont, President of the Odon-Cote 112 Association and am very grateful for his assistance”


August 2017

Bill Ridley from BKTravel, Virginia USA, lead a group to the Normandy beaches and incorporated Hill 112 in their itinerary for the first time

“My group was able to visit the Hill 112 Memorial.  It was special for us and a special memorial which well documented the struggle for the Hill.  I will definitely include a visit Tour from USA at Hill 112to Hill 112 on all future tours.  One extra special outcome during our visit was a local resident, who was a young boy at the time of the battle, came up to us and began to explain what the battle was like for the local citizens.  That was exceptional for us.  We plan to remain in communication with him and have him visit with us again in 2018 when we are at Hill 112.  For me and my group it was most impressive.”

3 August 2017

Alan & Sue Ede from the IMPS visiting Hill 112 in August
Alan & Sue Ede from the IMPS visiting Hill 112 in August

“Sue and I attended Hill 112 on 3rd August along with our friend in France. We took a small cross and a copy of the Order of Service  [from Albert’s funeral] which I pinned by the soldier statue. The site looks wonderful now and a lasting tribute to all Albert’s efforts over so many years, so he will never be forgotten as he had wished for the fallen on this hill. Once the gun has been prepared and positioned it will be complete.

I have written an article for the Autumn IMPS newsletter on our visit and with some photographs of it as many of our Members have not seen the changes over the years. In 2019, on our next IMPS Normandy trip there will be an organised visit to Hill 112.”