My Life Story 1920-1939

Starting in 1920,where I was born, Chiseldon, Wiltshire, where my Dad had a coal business, and my two brothers would deliver the coal around the area he sold the coal delivery business and in 1929, we moved to South Farm, Fernham.

Albert and sisters Dolly and Margaret
Albert (age 7) with his sisters Margaret (11) and Dolly (9)

This was mine and my mother’s happiest time during my school days, Dad went to work as a farm labourer, for a Mr Gilling. His son, Raymond, gave me my interest in wild life – I had never seen so much in my short life; rabbits, stoats, weasels, foxes & cubs,  and foxhunters!

It was in September 1929 we went to

Albert's parents, Thomas and Minnie Figg
Albert’s parents, Thomas and Minnie Figg

school in Uffington, that my sister Margaret, age fourteen she left school in the summer 1930 Dolly, age twelve left school in the summer of 1932, when she was fourteen, and myself age nine went to the same school, and left age fourteen 1934, at that time it was in Berkshire but now been altered to Oxfordshire, there and back was five miles, so we had to take sandwiches[ no school meals was supplied in those days]. To get the full story you will have to read the book!

We than moved again, too Roundhill Cottage near Highworth Wiltshire, Dad was now working for a Mr Allen, we have now gone a full circle, it was time for me to get a job. Read the book.

Albert Figg 1939
Albert Figg (right) with a friend, taken in 1939

We now once more, moved too Crouch Cottage, due to the farmer wanting the cottage for a Shepherd, in February 1939, it was from there that I joined the 112 Royal Artillery Field Regiment, Territorial’s in Swindon when we were called up

Albert Figg - The Ups and Downs of a GunnerTHE UPS & DOWNS OF A GUNNER.


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