I am carrying on from my first blog post.

After the capture of Cherbourg port, by the Americans two armies, second army went and to assist the American Para’s at Sainte-Mère-Église and the first American army came back to start Operation Cobra, it was at the same time, 10th July that the 43rd Wessex division [mine] stared Operation Jupiter to capture hill 112,


It was 6 weeks of hard fighting, with so many dead and wounded, and by the 23rd august, the enemy had withdrawn from the hill. It is without any doubt this was the start of the end of the war, the next battle was [Operation Bluecoat] whereby the 43rd was again in another battle for Mount Pincon. Also Operation Goodwood, the battle to close the Falaise Gap by the 11th armour division, who suffered very heavy loss of tanks. With the slaughter of Canadian and Polish infantrymen, Goodwood was completed by the 20th August – it was a disaster!

Operation Neptune, [note the dates] the day we landed, 24th June to the 20th August that is only 26 days, and we travelled 120 miles, non-stop, only to fill up with petrol, to reach the  River Seine

After the crossing, we now go into operation Market Garden. There is more, but for this time that is as far as I am going.

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